The biography and the story of SaQi 萨奇



SaQi was born in France. Guadeloupe, a place of beautiful beaches and wonderful sunshine.
SaQi is drenched in music almost all the time. His father, Fred Aucagos, is a popular French artist, a singer and also a member of a French band named VIKING.
SaQi left his family for studying in Paris when he was young. He studied fashion design in Paris Chamber, and music at the C.I.M Jazz School. He has worked with different prestigious artists such as Tonton David, Andrea Bocceli, M6 music TV, etc.
Travelling has become a major part of SaQi‘s career because of music performing. New-York, Oxford, Tunisia, Jakarta, Dubai and Morocco, where he has performed for the king.
In Algeria he took a position as a music producer and composer.
He worked with Algeria TV and Radio Badja.
SaQi produced his second album All or Nothing in Canada, then he moved to Seoul to collaborate with the Korean record company SM Production.
SaQi is currently preparing his first saxophone album.He will play  and record some popular songs that  his father made in 1960s
and feature with some popular Chinese artists.
SaQi live in China and France.